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See Jane Succeed: A seminar just for women

  • How to increase your bottom line, profits and sales
  • Learn to lead any team to success
  • What men really think about women in the workplace, women in leadership, women in sales and how women dress

How to Succeed in any Economy “Guaranteed”:

  • Why those who “service the best profit the most”
  • Why companies fail and succeed
  • How to create a culture of Excellence in any organization
  • How exceptional service can make your organization profitable in any economy
  • How to take your organization from Good to Great

 How to Increase sales and profits in any Organization:

  • The profound difference between Professional Selling and “peddling”
  • How to ask the right questions so you do not have to sell your customers
  • How to prevent objections vs. overcome them
  • How exceptional service can generate sales
  • How everyone in your organization is a salesperson

The Power of Networking in person:

  • The mistakes most people make when networking and how to avoid those mistakes
  • The top 3 fears  most people have in networking and how to turn those fears into profits for you
  • How to introduce yourself so that you will be unforgettable
  • How to harness the networking power of every individual you meet
  • Three things you should do after every networking event

How to Lead for Excellence:

  • Why servant leadership is the quintessential form of leadership in any organization 
  • How servant leadership elevates loyalty among the organization and the community
  • How to communicate as a leader to get improved results
  • How to deal with difficult internal (co-workers) and external customers
  • How to lead for increased productivity

How to Leverage the Power of People in your organization

  • Learn how to uncover, discover and discard “poison” within your organization and your life.
  • Understand how to educate: People train dogs.  Organizations educate people.
  • Learn how to engage the mind of each and every staff member.  Anything else “below the neck is minimum wage.”
  • Understand that all products look alike.  Elite people and organizations prosper by differentiating themselves from the competition.
  • Understand the philosophy: “Do not worry that the people you educate will leave. Worry that the people you do not educate will stay”.